Intership Opportunities

e.k. smith landscape design runs an extensive Internship Program that is recognized by colleges and universities throughout the region. e.k. smith interns are encouraged to play a meaningful role throughout the entire design process, and are able to apply all of their practical knowledge from school into the workplace. Elise and her team openly share their extensive knowledge and engage and involve interns in ongoing project management decisions.

We welcome inquiries about summer internships.

Contact us at, 412-741-6030 or

Testimonials from Past Interns

 "I entered my internship at E.K. Smith Landscape Design during mid-summer of 2008. There was no shortage of projects, however, and I hit the ground running. To summarize the benefits of my experiences here would be impossible. From the first day to the last I was learning something new. I had always heard about my friend's internships at other businesses and wondered what my real world experience would be like. It turned out that I could not have found a better position. Elise and her business allowed me to come across all aspects of the industry. Meeting with both established and potential clients gave me a firsthand look at how people feel about their personal landscapes. Also, we were able to work directly with installation crews from hardscapers and landscapers to lawn care specialists and skilled arborists. The studio/office space is great, a relaxed atmosphere that caters to the comfort of a designer. Helpful books and resources are abundant and there is no better bank of landscape knowledge than the owner herself, Elise. Overall, my experiences at E.K. Smith Landscape Design have only added a great deal of knowledge to my landscape architecture education."

– Justin, Penn State University

I interned with E.K. Smith Landscape Design the summer before my senior at West Virginia University. Working with Elise was a very rewarding experience in many ways. The amount of knowledge that I gained over three months was bar-none to classroom education, and the entire time was simply a fun experience. The team that Elise put together works like a well-oiled machine. Everybody is able to help one another and this finished the projects quickly and professionally. I enjoyed my time this past summer very much, we had the pleasure of working with a fantastic landscape designer with a great personality to match. Thanks again for a GREAT summer!

– Mike, University of West Virginia

My internship with E.K. Smith Landscape Design during the summer of 2008 was very instructional. I learned valuable on site skills from construction methods to unique problem solving methods to fulfill client's needs. The office atmosphere of E.K. Smith was very relaxed, and creativity came very easily throughout the whole design process. Elise was wonderful to work for and the knowledge I gained from this experience has definitely better prepared me for my career in Landscape Design."

- Drew, University of West Virginia